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About Us

Welcome to Marandola Martial Arts. We offer a variety of Mixed Martial Arts training for ages 5 and up in our beautiful 2,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility! Whether you are new to the martial arts world, looking for a fun workout, wanting to learn self defense, or an elite athlete preparing for a competition; we are a one stop shop for your training needs. We work with any and all training goals and can accommodate any skill level.  You will learn in a clean, safe, and supportive environment through our highly structured curriculum. We also offer First Responder and Military Discounts!

Now, let's meet our team!

Coach Cody Marandola


Coach Cody Marandola brings over 20 years of Mixed Martial Arts and self defense experience and is the foundation of our studio. A lifelong Falmouth resident, Cody started his professional career as a carpenter and bouncer/head of security over 20 years ago. 

His love for Mixed Martial Arts began one evening when he ordered a UFC fight on Pay Per View, he was instantly hooked and began to pursue this passion. Cody found structure, community, and release in the Mixed Martial Arts world. 

Cody began fighting professionally in 2004 for Reality Fighting, and enjoyed a successful 8 year professional career. During that career, he trained in the following disciplines:

  • MMA/Karate training -  Paul Curtin of Eclectic Karate 

  • MMA/Muay Thai/Boxing Training  - Greg Jordan - House of Pain

  • BJJ training - Rene Nazare - Club Feijao 

  • BJJ Training with Chris Eldridge, Juliano Coutinho (Banana), Lee Gresh Jr  (Loco Lobo) - Daniel Gracie Academy - Still training with Loco Lobo 

  • Wrestling training with - Bishops Gym, Bridgewater MA 

  • Boxing training  - Jay Pina & Ricky Joy, Falmouth MA 

In 2014, Cody started his coaching career at Rocky's Gym in East Falmouth. He began to connect with his community from a different point of view, passing on the extensive knowledge he acquired to those who sought the same journey into the Mixed Martial Arts. His clientele grew and in 2021, Cody and his fiance Alex Jackson opened Marandola Martial Arts, LLC. 


Since opening Marandola Martial Arts, coach Cody has led, coached and trained 2 fighters for their amateur debut’s at Cage Titans. Lucas Remsen and Chandler Donati). He has also trained many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters for tournaments and competitions. 


Alexandra Jackson
Director of Operations


Alex Jackson is the Marandola Martial Arts Director of Operations and brings over 14 years of business administration experience to the studio. Originally born in London, Alex moved back to the states in 2002. In 2018, Alex met Coach Cody, while he was working a head of security position in Falmouth. Cody introduced her to Rocky's Gym where he was coaching, and she fell in love with the martial arts culture. She knew that with the right partner, Marandola Martial Arts would one day take off into its own space.  Alex provides superior customer service and operational management to the studio and has been instrumental in the success of Marandola Martial Arts. 

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